What Exactly is Reflexology?

When I first discovered Reflexology 10 years ago I was working long hours and always getting colds and felt very run down.  I initially went to book a massage but then came across reflexology and fancied trying something different so after a bit of research I thought I would give it a go.  I preferred the fact that I could just lie on the couch with my shoes and socks off as I did not want the bother that comes with a massage of getting undressed and dressed again.

The first treatment got me hooked because the Reflexologist fed back to me what she had found on my feet.  This feedback completely tallied with my current health ailments and not only that, but as I was leaving I realised my neck tension had completely eased up.  All this time I did not realise how tense I really was.  So I went home that evening extremely relaxed and slept wonderfully and since then I have always had a passion for reflexology and its benefits.

Reflexology is the application of pressure which sends a calming message from the peripheral nerves in the extremities to the central nervous system which in turn signals the body to adjust tension levels and therefore promotes relaxation.  Circulation is improved causing additional oxygen and nutrients to the cells.  The Reflexologist is looking for crystal deposits and different textures in the feet these are made up of tangled nerve fibres.  The main technique the Reflexologist uses to massage your feet is called caterpillar walking, it is very good for feeling crystal deposits and different textures.

Have you ever come across the reflexology foot chart?  The foot chart maps out all the organs to different parts of the feet and was first put together in the early 1900’s by Eunice Ingham but since then more detailed foot mapping has also been added to it. This chart is what Reflexologists learn and use for treating Clients.

A treatment takes an hour because I need to warm up the feet, go over every part of the foot from my routine  and then after I have completed this I have a good picture of what areas to focus and zone in on and then I go over all areas deeper concentrating on breaking down the crystal deposits.  I will also try some specific moves to encourage relaxation or re-balance hormones if the client suggests they want help managing a specific condition.

Reflexology can help manage these conditions:





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