What is Reiki?

Reiki is not just for hippies!

In fact I am so surprised at the amount of people that have heard of reiki or have even had a treatment that this shows it is slowly getting out there and becoming a known complementary therapy in its own right.  This is brilliant because it means people are getting in touch with me because they are looking to have a reiki treatment, and most importantly when I tell people what I do they don’t think I’m strange.

Reiki is a complementary therapy that induces deep relaxation.  It is a completely non-invasive treatment, which means all you have to do is lie on the couch fully clothed it requires no getting undressed, which is great for people that feel conscious stripping off in front of a stranger for a massage.

The word reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) means universal energy this energy is found in all living things people, animals, plants and flowers.  When having a reiki treatment the practitioner is channelling the energy and holding the space for the energy to flow through you and re-balance & unblock your chakras it works holistically treating body, mind & spirit.  You will feel comforting & soothing warm spots all over you and it will deeply relax you.  Some Clients explain they feel a gentle drawing warm pull this is the reiki energy.  As the Practitioner during a treatment I feel the warm energy flowing through also but sometimes I feel my hands get stuck over a certain body part and when trying to move on they feel drawn back to that spot, I am not diagnosing just channelling through the energy so I tend to go with the flow quite literally.  When in deep relaxation body, mind & spirit has the ability to heal itself.  Reiki is not linked to or contradicts any religion, you do not need to believe just have the desire for the treatment.

Reiki is very good for helping Clients switch off & have some quiet time to unwind.   I have seen great results in Clients with insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, reduce high blood pressure & recovery following operations because it helps reduce & manage pain.  Reiki is often used in hospices for palliative care because it helps patients find inner peace & removes negativity this enables them to come to terms and clearly think through what is happening.  Research carried out in hospitals in the US have shown reduced blood pressure and accelerated healing which helps give credibility to this alternative medicine.

I first went & sought out a reiki treatment out of curiosity after a friend told me they had experienced it at a spa following a massage.  Completely intrigued I went along and was so amazed at how warm & calming it made me feel I floated home and have been an avid supporter ever since, that is why I went on to train to be a Reiki Practitioner.

So if you would like to try a treatment then call or email me to book in.


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