Pre-Conception & Fertility Reflexology

I have recently specialised in pre-conception reflexology which helps to prepare the body for pregnancy and helps with sub-optimal fertility.  There are lots of factors affecting our fertility.  Couples are waiting longer before having children and as we get older our chances to conceive drop and sensibly some couples are waiting to start a family to ensure finances are in order.

Here are some of the common causes of sub-fertility:

  • Blockages in the male or female reproductive system
  • Missing a part of the reproductive system
  • Poor egg or sperm quality or sub-optimal hormone levels
  • Stress
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Age: Here are the age stats:
AGE Chance of conception per a cycle
15 40-50%
25 30-35%
35 15-20%
45 3-5%


Reflexology can help maximise your chances of conceiving by getting your body ready and in condition for conceiving.  I have seen evidence of reflexology working by regulating irregular periods, making painful periods less painful, controlling hot sweats that are common at the time of menopause and releasing muscular tension.  Other common ailments that reflexology can help with is improving sleep patterns and helping the client to become more centered and relaxed.

Reflexology can aid in preparing the body for conception by helping manage stress because it is a known fact that the bodies’ chemical reaction to stress takes up a lot of energy and distracts and limits the ability to conceive and can also stop ovulation completely.

When in stressed mode our bodies run on adrenalin and pump out cortisol and testosterone this is when survival instinct takes over and the body prioritises surviving over reproducing this chemical reaction is to help us in a fight or flight situation, which is why in this state reproducing is not important, it is about running away from a lion or fighting off a bear as if we were in cave man times.  The body does not realise you have had a bad week at work and need time to manage a political work colleague and an overwhelming to do list!

This article from the Daily Telegraph I found interesting from a former NHS Obstetrician that has become a Holistic Obstetrician:

There are no guarantees this will make you conceive and I can make no promises but I have the best will, intention and commitment to helping you conceive and feel very privileged to be able to offer my services.

I commit to offering a bespoke pre-conception reflexology treatment plan.  I can work alongside IVF and many other medical treatment plans I am also offering lifestyle advice and relaxation in my peaceful treatment studio.

I never discuss any of my clients’ details I am dedicated to client privacy and confidentiality.  I really do appreciate it can be an emotionally challenging time trying for a baby.

If you are interested in pre-conception reflexology or would like to book a treatment please call or email me.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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