Pregnancy and Post-Natal Reflexology

I remember both my pregnancies well and I also remember I was NOT a blooming site of radiance with glowing skin.  On both occasions I was never one of those lucky women that’s just all bump.  I put on weight all over, had swollen ankles, acid indigestion, sinusitis, greasy hair, felt tired all the time and then towards the end I started to worry about the imminent birth that was looming!

So if like me you are having a few aches and pains in your pregnancy and would like some ‘me time’ then try some reflexology.  I have specialised in pre-conception, fertility, pregnancy and post-natal reflexology.  Reflexology can help manage those aches and pains, give you a good nights sleep, help drain lymph off of puffy ankles and give some relief to sinusitis.  What I cherish and remember well during my pregnancy reflexology treatments was when my baby Gabby woke up and started moving in response to the treatment this was a magical bonding moment and helped me come to terms with the reality of being a mum, this little girl is real and kicking back already, wow. Also my ankles shrunk and I felt a bit less like the Michelin Man, my sinusitis calmed down, I had a good nights sleep and started to plan ahead for my little miracle and get excited and prepare to meet my little girl.

Reflexology works neurologically by stimulating the peripheral nerves on the feet so they in turn stimulate the central nerves and send a message to adjust tension levels around an organ that is not functioning at optimum level.  Research in recent years has given reflexology credibility.  There have been scientific case studies proving this neurological link between brain stem – organ – tangled nerve fibres in the feet by the reflexologist.  When a client has a complaint in a specific area the reflexology is working by nudging the body via the nervous system to adjust tension levels and heal itself.  Clients who have regular reflexology throughout their pregnancy report shorter labours, this evidence is taken from a cross reference of data from womens first born labour times with and without reflexology.

During pregnancy it is especially important to take time out to relax because once you have babe in arms your time will be dedicated to your new arrival.  If you are trying to avoid being induced and want to have a natural birth then from 37 weeks reflexology can help with natural induction using specific reflexology techniques to encourage the onset of labour.  Then when baby is here and you are finally through the birth reflexology can help balance hormones, induce a deep relaxation and get you ready for the real fun that is about to start.

I couldn’t resist here is a cheesy line:

So come and bring bambino too and help get you back to you!

Please bring your newborn for a postnatal treatment you are both very welcome.



So if you would like to book a treatment please call, email or text me to book in.

Oh and by the way the picture above is not of me, I wish at this stage someone had told me about the amazing properties of jojoba oil because it is brilliant at fading stretch marks the sooner you start applying it over the tummy in pregnancy the better, your chances of minimising stretch marks increase because it has anti-inflammatory properties and is very good at nourishing and moisturising skin.

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