What is an Indian Head Massage?

I have recently qualified in Indian head massage and got a distinction!

Indians use this therapy as part of their daily family ritual to promote good health which is passed on from generation to generation.  Barber shops in India include a scalp massage before cutting the hair because they believe the release of tension gives a better cut, but it is relatively recently that back and neck massage have been incorporated into an Indian head massage by the West.

Indian head massage is a relaxing soothing massage therapy treatment that includes treating the back, arms, neck, scalp and face.
You can have a half an hour treatment upright fully clothed in the supportive head cradle chair or top off and onto the massage couch for the more indulgent 1 hour treatment with oils.

The immediate benefits of Indian head massage:
Releases tension
Induces deep relaxation
Improves blood circulation
Improves lymphatic drainage by aiding waste removal
Improves facial skin tone
Promotes better sleep
The use of oils moisture & nourish the hair
Relieves stiff joints

Conditions that can benefit from an Indian head massage:
Temporo-mandibular tension – also known as lock jaw
Stiff joints
Migraine – if cyclical a massage prior to a migraine occurring can help minimise the pain level but never have a treatment during a migraine.

The use of oils on the hair is the same as a salon conditioning treatment if left on for a couple of hours after can moisturise & nourish the hair.  Applying coconut oil on the hair during a treatment is specifically good for moisturising the hair & scalp, it also has a natural SPF4, makes the hair gorgeous & shiny, slows down hair loss & prevents split ends from worsening.

The treatment ends with a facial massage that helps gently drain away lymph and marma points are also included, these are part of the ayurvedic health system and are specific pressure points on the face that clear congestion to the nerves & help naturally rebalance the body.

If you would like to book in for an Indian head massage then please call, text or email me.
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Indian Head Massage


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