What is a Marma Point?

The History of Marma Points

Around 11th century AD it was first documented Indian warriors were able to kill their opponent with a sharp prod and cause immediate death by targeting certain points.  These became known as Marma points.  There are 12 of these lethal marma points around the body that can cause immediate death.  These Indian warriors were using one of the oldest fighting systems in the world called Kalaripayattu which is still practised in parts of India today.  The Kalari warriors were trained from the age of 7 at fight school so they could be moulded into deadly fighting machines.  However not all warriors graduated to be trusted to be given the knowledge of the 12 deathly marma points.

The Beginning of Ayurvedic Medicine

It was with this discovery of the 12 deathly marma points that also came the discovery of beneficial marma points.  The Kalari warriors nursed their injured back to health using marma point massage and their surgeons also operated on injured warriors using marma points during major surgery.  They discovered different marma points can improve health and benefited warriors by affecting correlating parts of the body this was the start of what is known as Indian Ayurvedic medicine today which means the science of life.

A Marma Point is Where Two Types of Tissue Meet

A Marma point is a point on the body where 2 or more types of tissue meet like muscle, bone, ligament, joint or vein.  It means likelihood of death in sanskrit and is also thought to mean secret or hidden place.  Marma points are intersections for our vital life force energy flow called prana, this is very much understood and accepted in Ayurvedic medicine in India.

There are 107 Marma points in total and 25 on the head and neck alone which is why an Indian head massage stimulating these Marma points can be very effective.

The Benefits of Marma Point Massage

Benefits include (as well as all the benefits of a normal massage):

  • Improved circulation
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Relieves stress, anxiety & tension
  • Helps manage muscle ache
  • Releases blocked energy to prevent disease
  • Removes lymph
  • Re-balances health and hormones
  • Boosts immune system

To book an Indian Head Massage Treatment

Please book an Indian head massage treatment to discover Marma points massage.

So please call or email me to book in for a soothing Indian Head Massage which definitely does NOT include any of the 12 deadly Marma points, only all of the beneficial marma points on the head, neck and back for a luxurious pampering treatment;-)


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