What is a Healing Crisis?

What Is a Healing Crisis?

A healing crisis is when you feel worse before you feel better.  If you don’t have holistic treatments regularly the morning after or sometimes immediately after you can have some unpleasant symptoms.
However don’t be disenchanted believe it or not it is a good sign!  The more treatments you have the body will start to get used to it & feel revitalised.  Your body is eliminating waste & the treatment has sped up that whole process.  There is a misconception that a treatment has caused a problem when in fact it would have come out anyway!  Once the healing crisis passes you start to feel rejuvenated and having treatments regularly makes you feel revitalised & rejuvenated quicker & minimises healing crisis symptoms.

What is The lymphatic system?

Treatments work with the body’s lymphatic system which collects all the waste, filters it by restoring fluid & plasma proteins back to the bloodstream & phagocytosis of foreign material at the lymph nodes happens. These phagocytes at the lymph nodes are like our body’s own little pac men that eat all the waste, this is our built in immune response. The lymphatic system is a network around the body there are lymph nodes everywhere like when you feel your glands are raised during a cold. This is the phagocytes breaking down the germ, in other words the pac men eating and killing the cold our little pac men are our body’s immune system super heroes.

What are the Symptoms of healing crisis?

Increased thirst
Increased urinating & bowel movements
Runny nose
Muscle aches
Break out in spots
Slight nausea
Heightened emotions – release of emotions
Vivid dreams – release of emotions
I know all rather glamorous but you don’t get them all & once they clear you’ll feel rejuvenated & better for it & don’t forget the sheer relaxing pleasure of receiving a treatment, having that relaxing quiet me time & giving your body & mind a well deserved break.

How to treat and minimise effects of a healing crisis:

Drink water, water & more water to help the lymphatic system flush out toxins
Avoid caffeine as its another distraction for the lymphatic system to work on
Eat a light meal so your body doesn’t have to work hard on digesting
Avoid alcohol for at least 12 hours
Relax to let your body recover.

Alcohol & Holistic treatments

Never drink alcohol before a treatment, during or after because the treatment has stimulated your blood & lymphatic systems circulation so you will just be multiplying the effects of the alcohol & making your body work harder to clean it all out this will just cause a horrid hangover feeling.  If a spa or therapist ever offers you alcohol then I would ask to see their qualifications it is not a good sign to leave a client without explaining the effects or even worse the risk of being charged for drunk driving on the way home from a treatment because a massage or instance can multiply the effects of alcohol by up to 3 times! 🙁

Good Therapist Ethics

A good therapist (like myself of course) will always explain this & give you an after care advise sheet.  So in summary please don’t come to a massage drunk and don’t go off after a treatment partying!

Please call to book

So I hope I haven’t been too preachy, but I want to make sure every client minimises their healing crisis and looks after their health.
Please call, text or email to book in for a holistic treatment.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog:-)
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