Hot Stone Reflexology

What is Hot Stone Reflexology?

Hot Stone reflexology is a more effective way to give a reflexology treatment using hot & cold stones.  One stroke with a hot stone is worth 5 with the hand, so the treatment is more powerful because it enables deeper penetration to break down the tangled nerve fibres that are found in the congested reflexes on the feet.  The therapeutic heat is deep & soothing making for a luxurious & relaxing treatment.

The History of Hot Stones

The use of hot stones can be found across many cultures & civilisations.
The Japanese 4,000 years ago used hot stones placed on their abdomen to help digestion.  The Chinese massaged & placed the hot stones over organs to heal & improve function.  Accupuncture before needles started off as sharpened stones.  The Native Americans used hot stones as part of their rituals in the sweat lodge they believed each stone had a soul & represented lost truths as part of a detoxifying process.  The Native Americans also placed hot stones on a womans abdomen to help period pains, this is where the hot water bottle originated from.  The Romans used hot stones to heat a room for bathing this is now our modern day sauna.  The Hawaiians wrapped stones in leaves in a shallow pit & the treatment involved lying over the stones.  The South Americans used cold stones to stop a bleed after childbirth & numb the pain & inflammation.  We now use a bag of frozen peas when we sprain an ankle & heat packs from the chemist when we have back ache to help mobilise stiff & pulled muscles.  Stone Henge is famous because of the Pagan rituals performed around & within the energy of the stones.  So the effects & benefits of hot & cold stones have always been around & used by many different cultures & have a place in society even today.

The Stones

The hot stones used in the hot stone reflexology treatment are basalt stones because they retain heat & have been handpicked & naturally shaped & smoothed to give a deep & relaxing pampering treatment.  Basalt stones are a common volcanic rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava as it touches the earth this is why it is very hard & holds heat making it perfect for a treatment.  At the end of the treatment cold stones are used to awaken with their cooling revitalising temperature & grounding qualities.  I will be using marble which is traditionally used in building & sculpture, but don’t worry I mainly only use the cold stones at the end!

The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

The hot stones increase circulation, open up the reflexes for a deeper more powerful treatment. They have a naturally grounding effect & the warmth is soothing & relaxing.  Cold stones can also be used over areas of inflammation for a cooling effect.  Overall the experience takes reflexology to the next level because it helps in the same ways reflexology does but faster with more powerful results in helping managing these conditions:

Book a Hot Stone Reflexology Treatment

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