Is Complementary Therapy Regulated?

Up until now complementary therapy has not been regulated it has been bizarrely voluntary registers set up by complementary therapy associations which are run independently.

The FHT have a new Accredited Register!

I am pleased to let you know that after much campaigning by the Federation of Holistic Therapists complementary therapy has taken its first step towards government regulation which I am a firm supporter of.  Up until now all therapist registers have been voluntary but at last the FHT has an accredited voluntary register which has been approved by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

So who are the Professional Standards Authority?

They are the authority for Health and Social Care they oversee statutory bodies (like General Medical Council, General Dental Council & more) they regulate health and social care professionals set standards, scrutinise & audit in the UK & most importantly they report to parliament.

What do the Professional Standards Authority do?

This is an excerpt from their website:
“The Professional Standards Authority is here to protect the public and help ensure their health and well-being.  We assess organisations that register unregulated health and social care practitioners so that you can choose a practitioner to meet your needs with confidence.
Whether you are a member of public looking for a health practitioner, an employer recruiting staff or a commissioner buying services, Accredited Registers can help you choose with confidence.
When you choose to see a health and care practitioner you want to know that you are in safe hands. Using someone on an Accredited Register gives you peace of mind, knowing that:
  • Practitioners on an Accredited Register are part of a government backed scheme to protect the public.  The organisation holding an Accredited Register has been rigorously assessed by us and awarded our quality mark.  We make sure you are given clear and accurate information to help you choose a practitioner to meet your needs.
  • We make sure Accredited Registers handle complaints fairly and robustly.  If a practitioner is struck off an Accredited Register they are not allowed to join another one, so you and others can avoid poor practice.  Accredited Registers are recognised and supported by key stakeholders in the UK.
  • Practitioners who are committed to high standards choose to join an Accredited Register.
  • Responsible employers and commissioners choose practitioners on Accredited Registers.
We recommend the public only see practitioners on an Accredited Register (or a Statutory Register). Look out for our quality mark which is displayed by practitioners on Accredited Registers.”

So Rest Assured……..

I am on the Accredited Voluntary Register for the PSA because I am a member of the FHT & because of this it proves I have already been vetted and have the right qualifications & insurance all in place.  This is all a really positive step in the right direction.  I am proud to be able to display the PSA logo showing I am a member of FHT:
fht logo1
Here’s to more government regulation!

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