Complementary Therapy in the 21st Century

Exciting news about GP Referal

Just recently the General Medical Council have given GPs the go ahead to refer Patients for complementary therapy from the FHT Accredited Register which I am on, this register shows I am performing at a high standard with all my qualifications, insurance & hygiene practices all in place.

What Are the Benefits of Having A Complementary Therapy Treatment

Complementary therapies can help manage a condition or prevent a condition worsening like muscular pain, back pain, headaches, anxiety, regulating monthly cycles, HRT, fertility, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, arthritis, digestive issues, increase circulation, & many stress related conditions the list goes on.   Just recently the Professional Standards Authority published a report that stated: ‘Complementary Therapists can help to transform the nation’s health’.

What Type of Person wants a treatment

So I have been thinking a lot lately about what type of Clients want treatments and it is a very broad spectrum mainly because today’s hectic lifestyle is very fast paced & demands a lot from us.  We are all balancing our time between work and family and it’s this constant that leads us to need a bit of relaxation time to de-stress & unwind.   So whether you are trying to get through a stressful period in your life, want to maintain your health or have some relaxing time to yourself then book in for a treatment there will always be a peaceful tranquil environment in my treatment studio.

Modern Medicine is King

But if you have something more serious and persistent that needs investigating then you must still consult your GP they are the authority and in all circumstances complementary medicine works very well alongside your GPs treatment plan.  Feel free to ask and inform your GP when you are coming for a treatment in most instances they will be pleased that you are willing to try a variety of things to help your overall health. The only thing I can offer that the GP can not is my time, deep relaxation and trained techniques to stimulate the body to heal itself along with some me time that is all too hard to come across in this hectic day and age.

Sceptics Of Complementary Therapy

It is always encouraging when you can turn a sceptic into a believer, take for instance my better half he is a man of routine that follows logic & science.  When I went on the Reiki course he made me leave him the names, address and phone number of where I was going because he thought I was going to get kidnapped by a cult!?  What worked best was giving him a treatment with an eye mask to force him to switch off and relax and just enjoy the treatment …….and now he’s my biggest fan!  However I still have to broach the subject and inform him that he is the subject of my latest blog! Hehehe!  But in all seriousness complementary therapy research does not have the same level of funding as modern medicine.  So it is best to come and try a course of treatments for yourself and see the difference to your health and well being.

Please call, text or email to book in for a treatment.

Thanks for reading my blog:-)

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