What is a Knot?

What is a Knot?

A knot is when fibres in a muscle are stuck in a spasm which is a mini contraction.  Knots feel hard because when a muscle contracts it releases calcium & it is a build up of this excess calcium in the muscle that feels hard & stops blood flowing to the area which is why there is a decrease in mobility & aches & pains in that area.

How do knots form?

Knots are formed by poor posture, over use & accidents for instance if you have an office job & sit with hunched shoulders over the computer then you are likely to get knots in your shoulders because they are rolled over.
Over use of a muscle can also cause knots for example people that are stressed & anxious may clench their muscles more causing knots to form.

How to avoid & prevent knots

Regular massage to help release knots by releasing the contraction & breaking down the knot so blood can flow to the area & heal away the aches & pain.
Ongoing massage can also help maintain muscles to prevent knots forming.
Improving posture & minimising any repetitive actions will prevent knots forming but also it is important to have some relaxation time & avoid stressful situations.

What happens if a knot is left?

Knots left to fester can cause aches & pains, decreased mobility & a desensitisation to pain & this can escalate on to more serious conditions like frozen shoulder, stiff neck, back ache or tension headaches because not enough blood can flow freely to all areas.  If left they will take longer to clear.

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