The History Of Aromatherapy

The First Aromatherapists

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to use aromatherapy it was a main part of their mummification process they placed plants in fat & left them for weeks in the hot sun to infuse. No body was mummified without an aromatic infusion.
The Greeks had Hippocrates record & document aromatherapy plant properties for medicinal purposes which still stand today Hippocrates encouraged a daily aromatic bath & scented massage to prolong life!
The Romans caught on to this & made solid perfumes to wear this was all the fashion of the time & remedies for aches & pains with balms.


Avicenna an 11th century Persian Physicist first invented the distillation process, from then onwards world trade of distilled oils began. It was at this time the more expensive oils were recognised for the smaller yield they make petals like Rose & Jasmine & Neroli (Orange Blossom) became appreciated for their beautiful scents & amazing properties this is why they are still the most expensive oils today.

In Europe by the 18th century aromatics & herbal medicines were readily available to buy.

Aromatherapy Knowledge Advancing

However the rise of the medical profession created a divide & plants & herbs grew out of fashion…….until the 20th century a French Chemist Gattefosse wrote a book about aromatics & called this discipline Aromatherapy. Gattefosse burned his hand very badly during an experiment & placed it in a large vat of lavender oil which was the only thing nearest & was amazed that it healed quickly with minimal scarring.
During World War 2 a French Army Surgeon Dr. Valnet used Gattefosse’s work & treated soldiers with aromatherapy oils to prevent infection, dress wounds & stop gangrene spreading many oils have antiseptic & antibacterial properties this made France the leaders in aromatherapy.
At this same time the Australians were utilising tea tree oil & working out all of its benefits which include antifungal, antiviral & antibacterial they have protected their Tea Tree Oil Trees to ensure they make the purest oils.
Only in the 1950’s did an Austrian biochemist Maury introduce the idea of massage with aromatherapy. Her work & teaching went on to train many therapists including Robert Tisserand that continues her work today.


The Perfumers are utilising essential oils for their properties too because the synthetic oils just do not smell as nice or create any of the same effects. Ylang Ylang is in all aftershaves as it is a natural aphrodisiac. Many ladies Perfumes contain Rose oil as it is a good base oil.
There are some amazing properties in essential oils & they are concentrated powerful drops of Nature’s Remedies.

Please Book In For a Treatment

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