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What Is Stress?

What is Stress? Stress is when you feel under pressure with too many things to complete or too much responsibility. We all feel stressed about different things & we all have different stressors, one person may find something stressful that another person does not. What is the difference between Stress & Anxiety? Stress is a […]

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The History Of Aromatherapy

The First Aromatherapists The Ancient Egyptians were the first to use aromatherapy it was a main part of their mummification process they placed plants in fat & left them for weeks in the hot sun to infuse. No body was mummified without an aromatic infusion. The Greeks had Hippocrates record & document aromatherapy plant properties […]

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What Is Aromatherapy?

What Is Aromatherapy? The British Aromatherapy Council’s definition: ‘Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in a holistic treatment to improve physical & emotional well being’. I think it is much more than that it is using the strength of Mother Nature to enhance holistic treatments. The exciting thing is that there are solutions to […]

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Abdomen Massage

What is Abdomen Massage? Abdomen massage is a holistic treatment I have created to soothe & manage a variety of conditions or ailments that are linked to the abdomen.  The abdomen massage style & technique varies dependent on the condition.  By doing this you can zones in on an area to soothe & calm pains & […]

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Full Body Massage

What is a Full Body Massage? A full body massage is a 1 hour holistic treatment to release tension in the body.  This treatment is to induce a deep state of relaxation & ensure any tense areas are worked on to improve mobility & increase circulation. What areas are massaged? Here is the order of […]

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Hello, Please have a read, I recently did this interview with my college about my change of career which has led me here:-) Thanks for reading, Gemma

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