Dear Clients, It is with great regret but in keeping with social responsibility that I need to close my treatment studio until further notice. Please note all gift vouchers that have been purchased or if you would like to purchase one they have NO expiry date so do not worry about booking in for any […]

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What Is Stress?

What is Stress? Stress is when you feel under pressure with too many things to complete or too much responsibility. We all feel stressed about different things & we all have different stressors, one person may find something stressful that another person does not. What is the difference between Stress & Anxiety? Stress is a […]

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Full Body Massage

What is a Full Body Massage? A full body massage is a 1 hour holistic treatment to release tension in the body.  This treatment is to induce a deep state of relaxation & ensure any tense areas are worked on to improve mobility & increase circulation. What areas are massaged? Here is the order of […]

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Hello, Please have a read, I recently did this interview with my college about my change of career which has led me here:-) http://richdales.co.uk/london-graduates/change-career-proved-rewarding/ Thanks for reading, Gemma

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What is a Healing Crisis?

What Is a Healing Crisis? A healing crisis is when you feel worse before you feel better.  If you don’t have holistic treatments regularly the morning after or sometimes immediately after you can have some unpleasant symptoms. However don’t be disenchanted believe it or not it is a good sign!  The more treatments you have […]

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Pregnancy and Post-Natal Reflexology

I remember both my pregnancies well and I also remember I was NOT a blooming site of radiance with glowing skin.  On both occasions I was never one of those lucky women that’s just all bump.  I put on weight all over, had swollen ankles, acid indigestion, sinusitis, greasy hair, felt tired all the time […]

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