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What is an Indian Head Massage?

I have recently qualified in Indian head massage and got a distinction! Indians use this therapy as part of their daily family ritual to promote good health which is passed on from generation to generation.  Barber shops in India include a scalp massage before cutting the hair because they believe the release of tension gives a […]

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Pre-Conception & Fertility Reflexology

I have recently specialised in pre-conception reflexology which helps to prepare the body for pregnancy and helps with sub-optimal fertility.  There are lots of factors affecting our fertility.  Couples are waiting longer before having children and as we get older our chances to conceive drop and sensibly some couples are waiting to start a family […]

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Proudly presenting my new treatment studio. The builder has finished and the carpet was laid down this morning I have converted my garage into a luxurious, relaxing environment it is perfect for you to come and experience a pampering treatment.  I look forward to welcoming you to my new treatment studio.

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